11 Ways to Save Money

1. Sell your car – and use public transportation. Living in a bigger city makes it more simple to sell your car, so it depends on where you live and how good the public transportation is. And if you do it, do it as soon as possible. It’s not only the money you would save for the car itself, you would save on everything else you needed for the car. No need for insurance. No need for a parking space. No more fine, too.
2. Learn to be alone – Don’t be afraid to be alone, it’s mostly underrated, too much correlated with depression and anxiety. It’s a good way to save money, you will spend less money alone than with other people, and  a good way to find yourself too. Your friends will understand that, keep in mind that everything you do now, is for a bigger goal.
3. Stop smoking – Forget about Nicorette, magic chewing gums, therapies and other things that you tried before. You really want to quit it? Go on a world-trip! I was a heavy smoker, more than 20 cigarettes a day for over 13 Years. None of my friends ever imagined me without them. Really, you don’t have any idea how many I times I tried to stop smoking before I decided to go on a round-the-world trip. Two weeks after my decision stood, I quitted. I’m a non smoker now and very proud of myself.
4. Live with your parents – nothing better than that. Ps. Thank you, Mom and Dad!
Dog Reading book
5. Read books – Okay, books are mostly not for free (but they can be it) but if you read amazing books you don’t need to go in the cinema. See it like an investment.
6. Eat at home – it’s cheaper and better. Any questions?
7. Book wisely – Forget about RTW tickets, book everything on your own. Something that you not book by yourself can’t be cheaper, and if it is ask yourself: What ist the catch?
8. Compare your insurance
second_hand Bild 1
9. Buy second hand – OK, I’m not a fan of second hand clothes, but you can save money for sure. What I do is buying my equipment second hand, like a notebook or camera. You save money as you can make amazing deals with almost new equipment, and you can learn how to haggle. You really need brand new equipment? Maybe you have to take a look at point 11.
Pouring water into glass
10. Drink water – I’m not mad. Or maybe a little bit, but try it. Just try to imagine how much money you would save if you just drink water! Let’s do a little math exercise, taking the numbers from my own example. Two coffees in a coffeehouse: 7 Swiss Francs, drinking three beers on a Saturday evening: 15 Swiss Francs. How much is that in a year ? 3240 Swiss Francs or about 3000 Euro. Any idea how long do you live for 3000 Euro in Southeast Asia?
11. Live simple – it’s hard to live simple. At the end you should ask yourself what do I really need to live? What is really, really existential for me? If you’re honest with yourself you will realize that there are so many things that you don’t need. Don’t be a “Oh, I would like to, but..” If you want to, you can! And you will for sure! Maybe not now, maybe you need years for that and many sacrifice but just keep in mind that every thing you will give up is for a good reason, for your own dream.