Round the world itinerary

Every day I stare at my phone for 1 hour searching for new gems, fancy restaurants on Tripadvisor (not a good idea at night), Hostels, Airbnbs, Couchsurfing. It’s strange. You’re counting every day, you can’t fall asleep because your so pumped in a thrill of anticipation but the planning phase for something like that is great!

My trip will start in Israel, on July. I’m a solo traveler and I don’t mind to sleep in a hostel aside other people, surely the best way to meet other traveler and have fun as well. But I’m not at all a budget traveler. I’m a mix of different travel types. I like to spend less in things that I don’t need luxury but on the other side I want to enjoy the whole trip at the fullest. Absolve the Padi Open Water Diver? I want to do that. Skydiving? Oh gosh, Yes!!!! Just got goose pimples writing about that. Really, worrying about every cent isn’t worth it. When it ends, my trip ends too. Simple as that.

So, I’m sure you’re looking for some ideas for your own itinerary. Here is my round-the-world itinerary for at least 1.5 years.


Middle East:

Israel – Jordan – UAE – Oman – Iran

South Asia:

India – Sri Lanka – Maldives

East and Southeast Asia:

Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam – Indonesia – Taipeh – China (Shanghai, Great wall, Peking, Huangzhou, Hunan, Guilin) – Philippines – Singapore – Malaysia – Myanmar – Palau – Thailand


Australia – New Zealand – Tahiti – Bora Bora – Cook Islands – Vanatu

North America:

Hawaii – Las Vegas – San Antonio – Miami


Central America:

Mexico – Cuba – Belize – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama

South America:

Chile – Argentina – Paraguay – Peru – Uruguay – Brasil – Colombia – Easter Island


Yes, what about Africa? It isn’t on my plane right now. Maybe you are in the same dilemma. A friend of mine if pushing for Africa. I’m sure there are beautiful places , but I’ve planned the trip for 1.5 year, this is a long time but there are so many beautiful places that I want to visit, as you can see above. So, Africa is just on my watchlist for the moment.

Hope that this list brings you some fresh ideas if you are planning a round-the-world trip.